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About Us

Blair Financial Services is an independent firm located in Waterloo, Ontario. We consult with business and personal clients across Canada. Our mandate is to meet the unique needs and goals of each of our clients through the development of an Integrated Solution – a program including the broad spectrum of wealth planning, business lifecycle planning, insurance, retirement and benefits solutions available in the marketplace.

We help clients:

  • achieve goals
  • mitigate risks
  • reduce costs
  • minimize overlap
  • plan for the future

Strategic Relationships

Leveraging our strategic relationships allows us to provide clients with a wide range of solutions not generally available in the marketplace. Blair Financial Services acts as a single point of contact for our clients: navigating, negotiating and managing the process of developing unique plans.

Our Clients

Our clients are businesses, business-owners or high-net-worth individuals looking for comprehensive, amalgamated management of their financial, wealth, insurance and benefits solutions. Blair Financial Services specializes in developing customized programs to decrease overlap, increase efficacy, decrease cost and maximize security.

Our Approach

At Blair Financial Services, we recognize that it can be time-consuming and difficult to differentiate between all of the products and solutions available in the market. We simplify choices for our clients – business or personal – by providing a clear process:

  1. understand what you need,  and explain how we can help and develop a Plan Purpose;
  2. develop goals, analyze your current products, agree on a common “best results” outcome;
  3. design a plan leveraging our strategic relationships as needed;
  4. gain agreement on – or refine – the plan;
  5. implement the plan; and
  6. manage the plan on your behalf going forward.

It is an uncomplicated approach, but it works because it is comprehensive from the start; giving us a clear picture of what you need, what you have and what you want.