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Benefits Consulting

Staying On Top

Attracting and retaining the dynamic, innovative people needed to keep your business on top means having benefits as good, or better, than your competitors. An Integrated Solutions program developed with Blair Financial Services helps:

  • Achieve funding efficiency
  • Realize tax efficiency
  • Mitigate risks
  • Maximize flexibility
  • Protect and retain executives
  • Benchmark against competition
  • Maintain excellence
  • Establish measurable wellness solutions
  • Simplify HR processes

Group Retirement Services

A successful Group Retirement Program (GRP) means ease of implementation and management for your firm, and maximum ROI for your people. Blair Financial Services does the legwork for your HR team, provides regular communications & education to help your teams make informed choices. Our comprehensive process ensures your company’s compensation philosophy is not undermined, as we evaluate not only the plan design but investment choices as well. We provide:

  • quantitative and qualitative assessment of available plan options
  • benchmarking of fund costs for different providers
  • cost containment and fee negotiation (based on assets under administration within the plan)
  • yearly review and management of GRP
  • compliance with Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP)* Guidelines
  • 1-to-1 support, quarterly updates, on-site support, Web-based tools

For a more comprehensive outline of Blair Financial Service’s Group Retirement Services, please download our brochure (PDF).

*Developed and overseen by Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA), the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) and the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA).

An Integrated Solution

We take an integrated approach looking at Key Employee Coverage, Individual Insurance and Group Insurance prior to developing an effective competitive plan.

The industry standard for “group insurance” delivers renewal reporting, negotiations, healthcare expenses, financial platforms, benchmarking and communications strategies. But this approach falls short. It overlooks issues and considerations key to retaining the vital team members needed for business growth, management and continuity. An Integrated Solution plan designed by Blair Financial Services delivers more.

The Big Picture

Integrated Solutions look at the big picture. We know that benefits can be a key differentiator for any organization. Blair Financial Services process focuses on uncovering unmet needs through a GAPP analysis of your existing program’s ability to meet your needs for Key Employee Coverage, Individual Insurance (i.e., owner) and Group Insurance.

GAPP Analysis

  • Goals: What are you trying to accomplish with your benefits program?
  • Actual Results: What is the benefit program actually achieving?
  • Possibilities: What results can we achieve through program redesign?
  • Priorities: Which results should we accomplish first?
Our objective is to clearly and concisely identify any number of specific areas where the benefit program falls short of what you want it to do and what it is actually achieving. Essentially, we uncover any gaps in the benefit program and illustrate the result of closing those gaps.

Delivering More

Customized Integrated Solutions developed by Blair Financial Services deliver more value and benefit to your organization than the industry standard “group insurance” plan. Our focus is on the design and delivery of these solutions within the broader context of your compensation system. Integrated Solutions maximize the value of your benefits cost and allow you to attract and retain those employees most important to your company’s success.

Group Insurance
Integrated Solutions
Renewals reporting and negotiations
Health care expense account and financial platforms
Communications strategies
Cloud based HCM solutions
Tax efficiency
Guaranteed standard issue coverage
Defined contribution/benefit portfolio
Executive health security plan
Buy/sell agreement integration
Total rewards statement
Virtual medical services
triAccess® (health information, care and funding)